Inside Chris’ Studio

The studio is a casual environment where parents are always welcome to sit and enjoy practice.

Solos! Ensembles! The studio is prepared for all.
Waiting Area of Chris Vitt Piano Studio
Duos pianos plus a comfortable waiting area.
Side-by-Side Pianos in the Chris Vitt Piano Studio

Studio Policies

Each student will be scheduled for a one weekly lesson.
Students will need an at home practice instrument and be fully intending to plan at least 5 days of weekly practice time.
Students are expected to attend every week, regardless of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ practice prior to the lesson. Often, that next lesson after a poor week of practice is the most important one that can happen: a way to get the batteries going again!
If a student needs to be absent for illness or other reasons, makeups will be provided when possible.
$20 - 30 minute lesson
$30 - 45 minute lesson
 Payable at the beginning lesson of each month, based on the number of lessons that will occur that month.  Makeup lessons are offered for any missed lessons, but refunds are not offered.
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