Education & Experience

Chris Vitt is an accomplished pianist with 30 plus years of teaching experience, both in the school music classroom and in the private piano studio. She has a wide range of performing experience -- accompanying choirs, church services, vocal recitals, musical theater plays and jazz singers, and providing music for party entertainment, weddings and more. She uses this wide range of musical genres to create lessons that vary in musical flavors.

Chris earned a Bachelor's Degree in music education and piano performance from the University of St. Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas. She holds an Orff-Schulwerk Certification (all levels) from the UMKC Conservatory of Music. She studied Organ with Dr. John Ditto, UMKC Conservatory of Music and did extended piano pedagogy study with Karen Halverhout, UMKC Conservatory.

Professional Affiliations

  • Certified K-12 Missouri Music Educator
  • National Federation of Music Clubs
  • Missouri Federation of Music Clubs
  • Local Federated Music Club: Show-Me Music
  • Music Teachers National Association
  • Mid Missouri Area Music Teachers Association

Current Positions

  • Co-Chair of Columbia area MFMC Junior Festival
  • Immediate Past President of Missouri Federation of Music Clubs
  • Director of Liturgy and Music at Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  • National Council Member for National Federation of Music Clubs


"For many years we were fortunate to have three daughters instructed by Chris Vitt. We marveled at how she was able to motivate three very different learners. Her calm demeanor and ability to answer any question no doubt came from a tremendous wealth of knowledge. She did more than teach our daughters how to read notes and rhythms, she instilled an appreciation of music and a love of solving the mystery of each new musical piece. That is a rare gift.”

"Chris is a gifted teacher who has a knack for bringing out the best in her students. She is kind and encouraging, motivating and guiding. My daughter enjoys her lessons and has developed a strong set of skill that she will use throughout her life." 

"Chris did a great job of determining how hard to push my reluctant daughter during our far too brief time with her as a piano teacher. Is it possible that a piano teacher has a degree in psychology besides her musical degree? I also loved Chris' "green" approach to piano books...she had a vast collection of recycled books that she would tap upon for my daughter's lessons. I was happy to contribute to that stash, too. You're sure to do well with her practical, energetic teaching style.”

"Chris taught our three children for several years from pre-school through high school. Her teaching inspired our children to enjoy music and play a wide variety of music from classical to jazz to church accompaniment. Chris encouraged the children to develop their musical talents through involvement in the Junior Festival (keyboard ) Merit Exams and through many opportunities to play for others. Her recitals were always a treat!”

"Chris makes playing the piano fun! She teaches interesting music and allows students to make choices about what they will work on. Chris offers a variety of music to her students. My son played jazz, and religious music as well as the classics.

One of the best things about Chris is she can tell when a student isn't enjoying working on a piece. If it is just a mood the student has, she will talk with him about it and wait for it to pass. But if it is really troublesome for the student, she helps them select something else they enjoy more.”

"Connor is having a great senior year. He is taking band, jazz band, independent music study (practice time) and Music Theory Honors. He is going to play tenor sax and clarinet in the pit of the musical Footloose. This weekend is state qualifying. Last year and this he made all-district band and all-district jazz band. He was very busy over the holiday practicing. He still plays piano every day and is working on some music from a book you gave him, just for fun!”

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