The Benefits of Performance

Performances are a great way for piano students of all levels to increase their confidence, ability to adapt and overall confidence. Performances encourage students to improve practice routines when they have goals to work toward.

I am always willing to work with piano students and determine which performance opportunities are right for them. Additionally, we work on performance skills, strategies and enjoying the performance opportunity.

Performance Opportunities

This is a list of performance opportunities for students. I encourage students to perform for family and friends at every opportunity. Sometimes performing in a public venue will help inspire the student to the next level.

MMTA Honors Auditions, District Level

Late September

Columbia College Campus

Missouri Symphony Society Auditions

Mid October

Missouri Theater

MMTA Honors Auditions, State Level

Early November

Location varies each year

Vitt Studio Recital

3 times a year – mid December, early March, early May

The Chris Vitt Piano Studio holds recitals approximately twice a year – once during the late fall and one in the spring. Locations will vary; the last two have been held in Yamaha Piano performance room. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends to watch.

Federation Festival

Mid March

Columbia College

Guild Auditions

Late May

MU Campus, Fine Arts Building

Students receive written evaluations and points after performing several pieces from memory. Sponsored by the National Piano Guild.